Amanda Lobb
Illustrator and
2D Game Artist



I'm Amanda - Freelance 2D game artist and illustrator. I'm a digital painter, and can also create pixel art and vector illustration. I produce 2D game assets, from retro sprites through to HD user interfaces. I design in-game assets, like sprites and icons, as well as creating character design, concept art and cover art. I am very versatile and work hard to turn ideas into images.

I'm available to commission, please feel free to get in touch

This is what I do:

Icon and UI design

©Dull Dude. Art by Amanda Lobb.

HD Game assets

©Dull Dude. Art by Amanda Lobb.


©Amanda Lobb.

Pixel Art

©Amanda Lobb.


Promotional Poster for Natalie Lewis Personal Training (2019, Amanda Lobb)

©Amanda Lobb.

Quest Card Story (2017, Amanda Lobb)

©Amanda Lobb.

Pixel Art Wonderland (2017, Dull Dude)

I created this amazing-value collection of high-quality pixel art, featuring over 1,500 total sprites including 45 animated characters, 200 props and items and dozens of tilesets and backgrounds.

Buy now on the Unity Asset Store.

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©Amanda Lobb.

Neon Knights (2016, Dull Dude)

©Dull Dude. Art by Amanda Lobb.

A selection of in-game sprites.
©Dull Dude. Art by Amanda Lobb.

The Dumping Ground: You're The Boss (2015, Somethin' Else / BBC)

As part of the art team for this BAFTA winning mobile game. I created a large number of sprites, following the existing style of the Tracy Beaker brand.
Here's a few:

©Somethin' Else / BBC. Art by Amanda Lobb.

Super Gun Kids (2012, Dull Dude)

Logo design, map screen, box art and a sample of sprites I created for this action game.

©Dull Dude. Art by Amanda Lobb.

Virtual Family (2014, Dull Dude)

©Dull Dude. Art by Amanda Lobb.

Sky Pirates(2011, Dull Dude)

©Dull Dude. Art by Amanda Lobb.

Alice: Beyond the Looking Glass (2011, Dull Dude)

Sprites from an Alice in Wonderland inspired game.
©Dull Dude. Art by Amanda Lobb.

A Little Cornish(2010, Cornish Language Council)

Illustrations from a children's book teaching the Cornish language.
©Dull Dude. Art by Amanda Lobb.

Battle Cave (2012, Dull Dude)

Logo, sprites and concept art for this fantasy platform game. Play.
©Dull Dude. Art by Amanda Lobb.

World Class Keep Ups (2010, Dull Dude)

I did all the art for this pixelated football game. Play.
©Dull Dude. Art by Amanda Lobb.

(2009, Dull Dude / Muzy)

I created all the characters, objects and backgrounds for this fun physics toy.
©Dull Dude. Art by Amanda Lobb.

Pixel Art! (2006-2014, Various)

An assortment of pixel art created for various projects over the years.
©Dull Dude. Art by Amanda Lobb.


I am available to hire as a freelance 2D game artist or illustrator. My main style is digital painting, but I'm also happy to do pen-and-ink illustration, vector-style art and pixel graphics. You can also hire me and Iain together for complete games.


I have a visual blog that I update with sketches, experiments and crafts at


Dull Dude(2009-present)

I'm the game artist at Dull Dude Ltd, a games studio I run with my partner Iain Lobb. I create graphics for client projects as well as our own games, and I'm also working on other projects including writing and illustrating a children's book.

Specialmoves (2004-2008)

I had fantastic time working as an Interaction Designer for Specialmoves, creating games and websites - honing my design, pixel art, coding and project management skills.

Kensa /Domino /Box New Media (2002-2004)

Early in my career I worked as a Flash and web designer for a range of small and medium-sized design agencies, working on websites, banner ads and CD-roms (remember those!)

MediaLab Arts BSc (2000-2004)

I graduated with a 2:1 honours degree from Plymouth University's outstanding MediaLab Arts programme (now known as Digital Art and Technology). I spent an inspiring four years experimenting with game design and programming, pixel art and web design (including a one year industrial placement at Kensa).